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About Rent Buzz

Rent Buzz is the only call tracking solution that actually helps multifamily housing properties book more appointments by identifying missed opportunities and making agents better on the phone.

Our unique solution tracks and records every call that comes into your multifamily leasing office. Our proprietary human review team then immediately monitors those calls to see how the call was actually handled, summarizes and reports how the call went. How quickly did the call get connected with someone who could help them? Was the call an appointment opportunity? Did the agent ask for the appointment? Were they successful in getting it?

Rent Buzz takes all of this great data and does 2 things:

  1. We identify missed opportunities. When someone calls your leasing office and is not invited in for an appointment, we'll notify the right person so they can salvage that opportunity.
  2. We create reports that drive action with simple, relevant data and comparisons that let you see how well you are performing on the phone and identify the marketing channels that are driving the best leads.

Rent Buzz is a complete call tracking solution that includes:

  • Inbound Call Tracking
  • Recorded Outbound Call Tracking
  • Keyword Level Website Call Tracking
  • Missed Opportunity Alerts
  • Call Categorization
  • Call Coaching
  • Bridge Routing, Scheduling, Whispers and more . . .

If you're looking to get more customers to visit your multifamily property without increasing your advertising budget, give us a call to hear how or request a free demo today.