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Rent Buzz rebrands as Call Box


What is Rent Buzz?

Rent Buzz is a phone skills training software that will make your team great on every leasing call. We save the day for executives and managers who are sick of having leasing opportunities slip through the cracks.

  • Training

    Get complete insight into leasing agent phone performance at each of your properties.

    Property management executives turn to Rent Buzz when they're fearful that onsite teams are missing opportunities by not answering the phone or creating urgency. We know reporting on only a few calls a month isn't enough to truly measure effectiveness, so we brought on a team of 70,000 reviewers to listen to every call for you.

  • Call conversion


Track marketing performance trends on a detailed level.

Marketing executives often take the blame when properties aren't leasing up because they don't have transparency into follow ups on leads driven by expensive marketing sites and campaigns. Rent Buzz can fix that by providing managers insight into how many appointments are being booked (or missed) from those sources and serve as a checks and balances system for improvement.

  • Call Tracking
  • Track your training ROI.

    As your leasing agents work to improve on the phone, Rent Buzz will report on their progress so you can track the impact of your training program and adjust.

  • Make sure the right people receive quick alerts for urgent phone leads.

    Alerts for specific phone opportunities explain what the caller was seeking, what the agent did and why it's been flagged as an urgent opportunity for a return call. When the right person is notified at the right time, you'll never miss a future resident.

  • Lead Box